Egg Timer Plus v3.12

Quick, small, easy to use stopwatch and timer program!

  • Countdown timer for timing almost anything.
  • Stopwatch independent of the countdown timer.
  • You can save preset, countdown timers for quick access anytime. If you often cook Spaghetti and would like to have a preset timer, just name the timer what you would like and it will be always available in the quick access menu.
  • Resize the window to whatever size you want, and even have a Full Screen Timer you can see across the room.

White Noise Player v1.01

Simple Noise Reduction for your Headphones or Speakers.

  • Concentrate on what you're doing in a room full of talking people and reduce the annoying noise!!
  • Choose a .wav file of your choice to listen to or use one of the provided sounds.
  • Easily minimizes out of the way in your System Tray for quick access.
  • Start and Stop the sound at the click of a mouse!

Tree View Outliner v1.11

Easy, and familiar tree view list to organize your information.

  • Organize and keep all of your notes, thoughts, to-do items, lists, tasks, bills and almost any information you want to keep, in one location.
  • Easily add your own icons and customize the look of your tasks.
  • Automatic minimizing and saving by hitting ESCAPE makes task editing quick and easy.
  • New: Print just the visible items, or all of them to your printer!

Easy WinKey Blocker v1.0

Quickly disable both WinKeys on your keyboard.

  • Simple and Small System Tray application saves task bar space.
  • Disable either the LEFT or RIGHT Windows Key independently.
  • Play games or run applications (like 3d Studio Max) without accidentally crashing because of the Windows Key.

Multi-Panel Browser v1.0

Browse nine different websites at the same time in varying configurations.

  • Nine different browsing panels allow you to see nine different websites at once.
  • Run the Multi-Panel Browser window in Full Screen to maximize your viewing area.
  • Arrange, resize and configure the browsing panels to the size and configuration that is right for you and save your configuration for the next time you open the program.